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Sunday, October 23 - 25, 2015

WORKSHOP: With a Focus on preaching as a
breaking open of scripture, participants will identify and explore an understanding of the core of the gospel, experience and practice different ways of proclaiming that message, and build personal resources for integrity in the preaching task.

LEADER: Rev. Bev Brazier



FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT (as Focus on Practice Event): $200.00

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UTC Cancellation Policy: UTC takes seriously its responsibility to offer diverse courses and Continuing Education Events of a consistently high quality. Part of the cost of these educational events is our financial commitment to presenters, even in the event that registration numbers are lower than anticipated or if a number of participants should cancel after registering. Recognizing these costs, UTC has the following policy on refunds for participants’ cancellation:

Each registration includes a $ 50 non-refundable registration fee.

Cancellations received less than a week prior to the event will be refunded at 50% of their full registration fees (whether they registered with an early-bird discount or paid the regular amount).

Thank you for your understanding.

January 2-9, 2016

Meet with Cuban youth, leaders, health workers, artists and others who are transforming their communities. Visit churches and social change organizations and see, first-hand, the vibrant hope and spiritually of the Cuban people! Discover the rich fabric of Cuban culture through jazz, concerts, the ballet, museum visits, lectures, and free time in Havana and Varadero. Reflect on your experiences and share insights with your with your fellow travellers. And return home inspired to act on what you learn.

Canadian accompanier: Alyson Huntly

The Montreal School of Theology was established to promote ecumenical co-operation in theological education in Montreal. UTC joins with Montreal Diocesan Theological College, Presbyterian College, and the Faculty of Religious Studies of McGill University to deliver high caliber academic, professional and spiritual formation for various Christian ministries. UTC and the Montreal School of Theology also partner with Université de Montréal to offer the program in French. Various events and many course options foster the ecumenical spirit and provide students with opportunity to prepare for ministry in a multi-denominational learning environment.

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